Play against our GTO-Bot

Maximize your performance with our GTO-Bot practice mode! Hone your strategy and make informed decisions with our gamification-mode, where you can play against our expert GTO-Bot.
Bot playstyles
Practice mode screenshot
Exploitative Bot mode.
Choose from two human-like logics, a tight or an aggressive gameplan, and watch your skills soar. Simply select your preferred play-style via the button on the training screen and watch the Bot adapt.
Hand details screenshot
Tight playstyle
With the tight Gameplan, the Bot will play passively, only opting for more aggressive actions if the expected value (EV) remains high.
Aggressive playstyle
On the other hand, the aggressive Gameplan will see Neura play more aggressively, all while keeping the focus on maximizing EV.
Tight vs. Aggressive
A hand for the Bot is with 35% in the call action and 65% in the raise action. This means that the EV difference between call and raise is approximately 0bb.Using the tight Gameplan, the Bot's strategy will change to 100% call, while the aggressive Gameplan will choose 100% raise.
EV measurement
Real-time feedback.
As you make decisions during training, Neura Bot measures the expected value (EV) of each move and compares it to the highest EV decision. This provides immediate feedback on your play and helps you identify areas for improvement.
Hand details screenshot
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Spot selection
Take control of your poker training.
Choose from a range of cash games, heads-up, or multi-table tournaments to train the spots you want to improve on.
Whether you're looking to improve your preflop or postflop play, our Bot has got you covered. Simply select your preferred training mode and get started.
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Available training modes
The practice mode provides a wide range of game types to choose from.
You can select Cash-game with a 100bb stack size and play through various scenarios like Preflop, 2Bet, 3Bet, and 4Bet.
Additionally, MTTs with stack sizes ranging from 10bb to 75bb are available, with additional scenarios like Limp-Call and Limp-Raise-Call, as well as the same Preflop, 2Bet, 3Bet, and 4Bet options.
There is also a dedicated mode for heads-up play, featuring 100bb stack size and the same Preflop, 2Bet, 3Bet, and 4Bet scenarios.
Switch mode
Just switch to gameplan mode.
And the best part? You can switch to gameplan mode at any time to see how the current spot fits into your overall strategy. With our Bot, you have the tools you need to take your poker game to the next level.
Get the Big Picture
You can switch between the actual training situation and the gameplan mode whenever you like. This means that while you're playing, you can also take a closer look at the situation in a more strategic way.
By doing this, you'll get a better understanding of how the current situation fits into your overall strategy and improve your decision-making skills. It'll make learning more effective and help you make better choices in the game, which in turn will help you to progress and succeed.
Result tracking
Pure stats.
Take control of your progress with our advanced statistics tracking! Our statistics sheet provides an overview of your results, and you can easily filter by specific positions, in/out-of-position play, bet sizing, game type, and stack size to gain deeper insights into your strengths and weaknesses.
Find your leaks.
With this feature, it's easy to identify potential leaks in your play and track your progress over time. By using multiple filters, you have complete control over the information you want to see, making it easier than ever to improve your game.