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Perfect GTO solutions

Our browser-based software gives you instant access to our GTO gameplan, containing billions of strategies."
The Nash-Distance of our gameplans is between 0.01 - 0.15% pot per hand, giving you the most accurate strategies available.
With a network of virtual machines powering our solver, we are able to deliver the most accurate gameplan in the world thanks to impressive hardware power.
Next-gen features.
Unlock a deeper understanding of the game with our Simplifier and Runout-Clustering feature, giving you the ability to exploit your opponents strategic blunders for maximum gain.
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Practice mode

Train your skills

Improve your game with the GTO practice mode! Master your strategy and make smart decisions through practice, as you play against our advanced GTO-Bot.
Bot playstyles.
Choose from two human-like logics, a tight or an aggressive gameplan, and watch your skills soar.
EV measurement.
As you make decisions during training, Poker Scientist measures the expected value (EV) of each move and compares it to the highest EV decision.
Spot selection.
Take control of your poker training. Choose from a range of cash games, heads-up, or multi-table tournaments to train the spots you want to improve on.
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Gameplan mode

Fine-tune your strategy

Access the optimal solution for your poker play with a Gameplan based on GTO (Game Theory Optimal) principles.
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Range versus Range.
This one-of-a-kind feature allows you to see all the information you need about your current game situation in one single sheet.
Choose from several options for simplifying your GTO-Gameplan with the Simplifier.
Runout clustering.
The runout clustering simplifies the strategy by reducing the number of different strategies you have in your gameplan.
The made hand distribution classifies hands into 18 different hand groups by their properties.
Runout-Distribution graph.
See exactly how well the runout is hitting your range or your opponents range, measured by expected value (EV).
Range normalization.
Customize the weight for each hand combination to perform at your best..

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  • Mario "livinmydream1" Mosböck

    Champion of the SCOOP Main Event 2021 for $839,000 and MTT Highstakes Player

    Being able to see the GTO solution to any question I had during a session right after, was one of the biggest improvement for my career.

  • Courtney "Courtiebee" Gee

    Member of Team Partypoker, MTT midstakes grinder and streamer

    Gone are the days of wanting to review a hand and having to wait minutes or even hours to get a solution. Poker Scientist is easy to use and extremely convenient.

  • Torsten "Jektiss" Brinkmann

    2nd in EPT Grand Final for $1.3 Million and NL500 Player

    For me Poker Scientist is the most efficient way to improve my game. It is fast and simple. All I need!

  • Nick "eastyy22" Eastwood

    Member of 888Poker Team, Twitch streamer and YouTuber

    Poker Scientist has been a game changer for my study. Without a lot of spare time, it is invaluable to me to have a study tool that is so fast, easy and effective.

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