Crushing by Simplification

browser based GTO tools


Presolved & visualized GTO solutions for Cashgame and MTT

Solutions are instantly available

Elimination of irrelevant lines

Optimal number and size of bets

Grouping of different runouts with equal strategies


Simplification by line elimination

Simplified gameplan through elimination of irrelevant nodes

Simplification by line elimination

All possible flop actions simplified to the minimum number of bet sizes without any relevant EV loss

This simplification eliminates around 35% of irrelevant lines

Reduce the complexity of your gameplan, make fewer mistakes and increase your win rate

Simplification by line elimination
Simplification by line elimination

Optimal number & size of bets

Optimal boundary conditions (OBC)

Donk is always allowed

Calculation with OBC leads to a gameplan with highest possible range EV for both Players

Range versus Range comparison

"See the EV & equity for every possible hand side-by-side via our matrix visualisation

Learn how to play your range vs. your opponents range

Compare the range EVs in relation to different boards

Navigate through a spot by the action bars 

The history bar allows you to jump quickly through the spot 

The equity toggle visualize the distribution of the equity for the ranges

Runout EV distribution

Range EV distribution for all possible runouts

Runouts that require an almost identical strategy form a cluster & make it easier for you to recognize , integrate &

apply the principles of GTO

Flop clustering

198 flops which best represent all 1755 possible flops

Each flop of the flop cluster contains flops with similar qualities


Optimum strategy clustering

Learning the structure of clusters opens the door to a deeper understanding of the science of poker

Runouts with similar strategies are grouped into one cluster

Gameplan simplified by nearly 63%