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The position selection screen defines which two players are active in the situation

Preflop action

In the preflop action screen you can define the preflop actions of both players. The respective action is defined by action buttons colour.

Our Preflop-Ranges are solved via the Nash-Approach and merged to simplify your Gameplan.

Action buttons

Via the Action Buttons, you can define now if you want to have a 2, 3 or 4Bet Situation of your predefined Positions.

On top of the Below is the frequency of the action button you can see players action and size in bb.

Poker Scientist | Sizings

Flop subsets

Each of these 25 Flops represents a group of Flops with similar attributes

Choose a flop which you like to study to get to the Postflop Action

Flop action

On top you see the Board which you selected

Below the Board are some basic informations:

- Positions

- Range-EV

- current stacksizes of players

The Range-EVs are the average EVs from all hands of each single Range. It shows how good a Range hits the Board in correlation to the other one. By that you get a nice orientation of how you want to play your Range in this Spot.

In the mid of the sheet you see the hand matrix where the exact strategy of every single hand is shown from both players

You can navigate via the action buttons.

Every single button represents a line.

Every action you have choosen is tracked by the Navigator. This gives you the option to jump back to a past action quickly.

By clicking on a cell of the matrix, the specific Pop-Up gets visible. Here you get deeper information of every single hand to understand the dependence of the handsuite, frequency and EV.

Here you get deeper information of every single hand to understand the dependence of the handsuite, frequency and EV.


After you finished the action on one street, there exist 49 possible Runouts on the Turn and 48 on the River.

Each Runout hits the Ranges differently well which is visualized by our table and EV-Distribution

You can quickly get an overwiew which Runouts are good or bad for a Player.


Understanding the structure of the clusters is a new approach of learning the principles of Poker

The Clustering is a simplification of Runouts which groups cards together with similar strategies

Each cluster has a representation card which is highlighted by a border.

Click on the cluster to define the following board card.

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