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Play real hands against the GTO opponent!

Decide which spot you want to train.

Each of your action gets measured in terms of EV.

Over 15 million different scenarios are available.

Detailed statistics on your results give you an overview of your strengths

and weaknesses.

The answers are defined as follows:

The gamification-mode allows you to play real hands against our GTO-bot.


You have to define the situation like (2Bet - BUvsBB In Position), and you can directly start your training session.

Every action you are doing is getting measured in terms of EV.




highest possible EV + highest Frequency



highest possible EV + not highest Frequency but more than 0%

you lose EV

Every possible action has an individual EV, which you can see after you have chosen a decision. It gives you an overview of how significant it is to select the correct action.

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