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Postflop calculation

The postflop GTO calculation

To calculate an accurate postflop gameplan, it needs:

- accurate preflop ranges
- optimal boundary conditions for postflop

These two things were found before, what opens the door to create the postflop gameplan. The optimal boundary conditions for postflop, which we have discovered are:




Flop: 40/80/160

Turn: 40/80/160

River: 40/80/160

Flop: 40/80

Turn: 80

River: 80

1/2 of stack

With these conditions, it requires a powerful machine and a lot of time to calculate a postflop gameplan. We calculated all relevant 2Bet scenarios (10 Spots) and 3/-4Bet scenarios (15 Spots for each).

The calculation of this pre- and postflop-solutions requires hundreds of hours of computation time. The result is a high-accurate, complex GTO gameplan with optimal boundary conditions.


The number of nodes defines gameplan complexity - a node being a possible action taken by a player. It was necessary to allow this amount of nodes to get exact results.

There is only a loss in EV by making mistakes, and the amount of errors correlates with the complexity of the gameplan.

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