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We are very proud and happy that after three years of development, we can share our new gameplan with you.

The new gameplan improves on all aspects of the old gameplan, adding new preflop ranges, additional betsizes, and all turn and river runouts. It’s been calculated from flop to river in a single step - you can read more about how this increases EV here.

Training mode is fully integrated with the new gameplan, providing an enhanced learning experience with EV-loss information for all actions in all spots.  We’ve also improved the initial 25-flop subset, and will be adding new flops progressively to achieve a complete 198-flop subset.

Training mode

Fully integrated with the new gameplan

Up to 6 possible actions with full EV information


Wider preflop ranges with new sizings

Calculated from flop to river in one cycle, for maximum EV accuracy

Highest EV GTO gameplan with non-relevant line elimination

Preflop ranges with EV and equity for each hand

Additional postflop betsize of 25% pot

All turn & river runouts available with suit symmetry

Improved 25 flop subset

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We wish you a lot of success and fun while learning with the new updates! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Team Poker Scientist

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