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What is Poker Scientist?

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What is Poker Scientist?

Poker Scientist helps you understand the principles of poker as efficiently as possible.

The browser-based software gives you instant access to a GTO gameplan, containing billions of strategies for every relevant heads-up scenario. We developed the gameplan with simplification in mind.


We have algorithmically restricted the number of actions and removed irrelevant lines, without significant EV loss. We've also added unique insights into the data.


The runouts visualisation shows which turn and river cards are good for you and your opponent. And with runout clustering, you can see which runouts can be played with identical strategies.

We calculated Poker Scientist's gameplan using computers that are several orders of magnitude more powerful than any desktop PC. The highly accurate solutions we have obtained use the optimal number of bet and raise sizings. Solutions with this accuracy are not achievable for the average solver user on their home PCs.

Our training mode allows you to play against a GTO opponent using our strategy. While training, your progress is tracked and analysed to give you a full understanding of how well you perform in any scenario.

You can expect further features in the future. Our goal is to bring your game to the next level.

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