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Eliminating non-relevant lines (nodes)  makes the gameplan simpler and doesn't reduce the Range-EV. The Nash equilibrium approach, used by solvers, doesn't care about the amount of lines it produces - but the player does.


Our algorithm implements logic into the Nash equilibrium approach to search for lines that can be eliminated without a disadvantage.


The result is that our gameplan was further simplified on average by over 35%, as measured by the equation:

#nodes(simplified-Gameplan) / #nodes(complex-Gameplan):

You can see during your training sessions on Poker Scientist that this simplification works the best for the flop.


On turn and river, small changes in the strategy often result in a significant loss of EV. Therefore this simplification has the highest usability on flop. For turn and river simplification, we instead developed a new model called "Runout Clustering." This technique allows new insights into poker strategy, producing a completely new way of learning poker.

Line elimination

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